Artist Biography  
Born in Ankara in 1974, Burak Karavit spent his childhood in Istanbul. His love for photography, which started with the Pentax Analog camera that his musician father gifted him when he was five years old, became a determining factor in his life, reinforcing his interest in all branches of art. After graduating from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, he started his professional career as a graphic designer. Having worked as an Art director for international brands in Turkey's well-known advertising agencies for many years, Karavit designed cinema posters for many advertising campaigns and Hollywood Film Companies as a Silicon Graphics (SGI) artist in the 90s. In addition to his professional career, Karavit, who started collage art studies, which he was passionate about, during his university years, was among the leading artists who produced his designs by dressing on deep wooden constructions in those years. He continues to create his collages, which he designed with traditional methods for many years, in the digital environment by using technology at the highest level and skillfully. These awe-inspiring works are knitted in knots by bringing together Karavit's love for photography and the technical skills and experience he gained in his professional life. Remarkably, he uses a record number of layers of intertwined photographs in his works designed in large sizes.

   Moreover, each work has a unique manifesto, further increasing the impact and value of his art. Expressing that art represents the door to freedom. It is the most straightforward tool that establishes the connection between the masses; Karavit has made it his mission to increase common sense and awareness in society with the social messages he describes in his works. Karavit, constantly searching for innovation in his works and the materials he uses, started to design visual biographies in 2017. The first visual biography he designed for the famous singer and songwriter Alicia Keys and her family gave her the title of being the first and only artist working in this field. Karavit is an esteemed artist who produces commissioned works to the highest standard. One of his most prestigious pieces is the "Visual Biography of Muhammad Ali," which he is currently working on. The artwork will be showcased at the renowned Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisiana. Burak Karavit continues his work in his studio/workshop in Chelsea, Manhattan, and participates in exhibitions and festivals Worldwide and abroad with his results.
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