Countless words count less than the silent balance between Yin and Yang...
The principle of Yin & Yang dictates that all matter has a contradictory opposite within its boundaries. However, the truth is subjective, and we can only see value when it is not disguised. An art piece that utilized nude female figures effectively conveyed the concepts of purity and transparency. The search for this ideal purity is inherent in all of us as we strive to find it in our relationships. It is a well-known but undeniable fact that our world is ruthless today. People often hide their true intentions, emotions, and feelings behind an imaginary curtain as self-defense. This obstacle can be difficult to overcome. Within us, there exist parallel thoughts, both constructive and destructive, as our personalities and feelings are expressed through our actions.
Yin&Yang, 2019, 59x59 inch (149.86×149.86 cm) 
© Copyright Burak Karavit. All Rights Reserved
2019 NoHo / New York / Moniker
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