Choices have consequences...
Power is an ever-present force in our lives, dictating our every move from birth to death. The consequences can be irreversible, whether it's a positive influence, such as within our families, or a destructive one. "Rookie Driver" is a powerful reminder of this fact. It's a story that shows how a single decision can change the course of our lives forever. Whether getting into a taxi driven by an inexperienced driver or being trapped in an exploitative system, we must be alert to these forces and take charge of our lives. The story also teaches us that no one is truly free as the bird in " Rookie Driver. " It's up to us to be assertive, stand up to these forces, and make informed decisions that will shape our lives for the better.
Rookie Driver, 2019, 48x32 inch (121.92×81.28 cm) 
© Copyright Burak Karavit. All Rights Reserved
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