Plastic pollution and its impact on our planet is the central idea concept in this project. 
Our planet is in crisis. Plastic materials have caused significant global warming and toxic air pollution, leading to irreversible environmental damage. As an artist and a responsible member of society, I am compelled to use my art to raise awareness about this issue. That's why I've chosen to incorporate the story of Noah's Ark into my work. As we all know, according to the story, animals must come in pairs to reproduce and increase their population. But in my artwork, the animals are alone and forced to wear gas masks just to survive. This is not just a story; it's a reality we face today. Humans, too, must wear gas masks due to the toxic air we've created. But despite the challenges, we must remain hopeful and strive for a better tomorrow. Through my art, I want to inspire others to take action and positively impact our planet. Let's work together to save our future and the future of our planet.
Plastic Dreams, 2019, 65.5x59 inch (149.86x166.37 cm)
© Copyright Burak Karavit. All Rights Reserved
2019 NoHo - Moniker - New York
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