Vakt-i Fener is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that showcases the glorious history of Fenerbahçe Sports Club in a visually stunning way. Created by the renowned mixed media/collage concept artist Burak Karavit. This exceptional work of art measures 2.28 meters wide and 1.16 meters high. It uses the C Print photo printing technique and is plastered on 18mm of wood with acid-free double-sided tapes, making it a first in the world with this structure. The Project was carried out in collaboration with Fenerbahçe Sports Club and Fenerbahçe USA Association. Chronologically arranged with a clockwise system, Vakt-i Fener describes Fenerbahçe's past of more than a century, including its memories dating back to 1907, all its presidents, all branches, and milestones. The photo-based collage part was created by reworking 1,676,000 photographs and nearly 400,000 auxiliary images, restoring and colorizing over 900 photos individually. The middle part, the heart of Vakt-i Fener, was designed using the 3D lenticular technique, and it has kinetics that move from left to right (Flip Animation).
Vakt-i Fener, 2019, 89.76x45.66 inch (228×116 cm)  © Copyright Burak Karavit. All Rights Reserved
The Fenerbahçe logo transforms into an Atatürk portrait through a 5-stage transition, and the artist defines this section as an animatic, where the Fenerbahçe logo was prepared using a total of 6600 images using the collage technique. This masterpiece took approximately 1.5 years to complete, and the artist studied and analyzed the history of Fenerbahçe in depth and detail from various sources in the first six months of the work. Each piece of this exceptional art has a unique encryption code embedded into the collage and made unique to its recipient. This special code also appears on its Authentic Certificate, which was wet-signed by the artist. Vakt-i Fener is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will be available to a limited number of people. It comes with a booklet describing the visual presentation of Fenerbahçe's chronological history, and it is delivered to the art lover's address with great care in its specially produced wooden box, with its original seal and certificate.
This priceless work will be passed down to future generations and serves as a visual atlas that conveys Fenerbahçe's history. It is the 'Art of History' for Fenerbahçe Sports Club, and it is a must-have for anyone who appreciates art and wants to own a piece of Fenerbahçe's history.
Fenerbahçe TV LIVE - Official Lunch of " Vakt-i Fener "
The launch event of "Vakt-i Fener," a unique collage of historical photographs mixed with 3D Lenticular design showcasing the memorable moments of the Fenerbahçe club from its inception to date, was recently held live on Fenerbahçe TV. Dignitaries and club officials, including the President, Ali Y. Koç, Board Members Simla Türker Bayazıt and Can Gebetaş, the artist behind "Vakt-i Fener," Burak Karavit, Fenerbahçe USA Association President, Fatih Akarsu, Project Coordinator, Tuana Yazıcı, and artist, Fırat Parlak, were present at the launch.
During the "Vakt-i Fener Launch Special Broadcast," which followed the cake-cutting ceremony, Ali Y. Koç, Burak Karavit, and Fatih Akarsu participated in the program. Many other individuals, including Vefa Küçük, the Supreme Council Board President, business people Murat Ülker and Ferit Şahenk, Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, the General Manager of HDI Sigorta, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Öz, musician İskender Paydaş, Ayten Salih Berkalp, a former Fenerbahçe athlete, Eda Erdem Dündar, the captain of Fenerbahçe Opet and our National Women's Volleyball Team, Rıfat Perahya, the President of 1907 Fenerbahçe Association, Mehmet Lütfi Kırdar, the President of Turkish Philanthropy Funds, Mehveş Koçak and Esat Sezer, respectively the General Secretary and Board Member of Fenerbahçe USA Association, Ferruh Zor, the President of BJK USA Association, Mustafa Çömlek, the President of Hamburg Fenerbahçe Fans Association, Engin Aygüney, the Chairman of the Board of AFİDER, Rıdvan Dilmen, one of the legendary football players of our club, Melih Mahmutoğlu, the captain of Fenerbahçe Beko Men's Basketball Team, and Birsel Vardarlı Demirmen, one of our legendary women's basketball players who wore her jersey for many years, participated in the program and shared their thoughts and feelings about "Vakt-i Fener."
Vakt-i Fener Official Credentials
Each Vakti Fener artwork is accompanied by a presentation kit, which includes a comprehensive booklet providing detailed information about the artwork, an artist biography, a wet-signed certificate of authenticity from the artist, and a bespoke Vakt-i Fener glass medallion. Each piece of this exceptional art has a unique encryption code embedded into the collage and made unique to its recipient. This particular code also appears and matches on its Authentic Certificate, assuring 100% originality.
Official Vakt-i Fener Promotional Film Aired on various National TV / Social Media Platforms
Vakt-i Fener Official Licensed Products manufactured and sold by Fenerium®
We are proud to introduce you to the exclusive collection of licensed products designed by the talented artist Burak Karavit for Fenerium, the official sales company of Fenerbahce Sports Club. Your sales corner has been meticulously prepared to display the exquisite range of Vakt-i Fener Licensed Products, which showcase the history, culture, and values of Fenerbahce Sports Club. The collection comprises various products, including clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and many more. Each product has been crafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. You can also explore the complete range of products and purchase them on Fenerium's official website. To view the collection and experience the passion and artistry that went into making these products, click on the link now!
Vakt-i Fener Corner / Fenerium Stadium Store
" Vakt-i Fener " is now an officially licensed product available at Fenerium!
Vakt-i Fener Interactive Jumbo Screen at Fenerium
The artist who created Vakt-i Fener had the interests of all his fans in mind, even though the artwork wouldn't be affordable for some of them. To make up for this, he devised an ingenious idea of including an interactive panel during the first presentation to President Ali Koc. The idea was to create a visual interactive screen for fans to experience the Club's unique history. As the project evolved, the Club saw the potential in this idea and decided to transform the state-of-the-art Vakt-i Fener into a fully-fledged interactive screen.
The Club then installed a jumbo-sized touch-screen interactive panel at the famous Fenerium branch right beneath the Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. The interactive panel allows fans to experience Fenerbahce's rich history by simply touching the screen. Fans can browse the Club's iconic moments, trophies, and other important events that have shaped its history. The interactive panel is a significant milestone for the Club, and it has provided a unique experience for fans who want to connect with the Club's history.
Vakt-i Fener Interactive Touch Screen
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